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About Overseas Organ Transplant Free Support Association(KTSA)


About US


KTSA is a Non Profit Organization (NPO) based in Asian region. We support Kidney diseased patients who want undergo Kidney Transplantation with finding an altruistic organ donor.
Register on the waiting list to undergo the transplant surgery is free of charge.

It is our purpose that the kidney diseased patients recover a healthy life  as fast as they can with getting the transplant surgery by many chances in all over the world, we support this activity for free.

Current status of organ transplantation in Japan

The Organ transplantation is performed by donated organ. There are 2 types of donor such as Living related  and Deceased donor.

A living related donor will be mainly family members, and a deceased donor is someone who has just died.
In case of Japan, a deceased donor is controlled by "Japan Organ Transplant Network". Only this organization can handle deceased donor by a law.
The patient who wants to take an organ transplantation, he/she must register their name on the waiting list of this organization with paying a fee at the time of registration and paying an annual fee is also needed, however the current waiting period will be about more than 15 years.
And even if you are chosen as a patient to receive an organ transplant donated from a cadaver body by Japan Organ Transplant Network, it is not always possible to undergo the surgery.
Organs removed from cadaver body must be transplanted to patients immediately. Therefore, you are required to make decisions and actions in a very short time.
If you can not take an action immediately with this, no one knows when the next contact will come.

On the other hand, In the case of living kidney transplantation, registration in the Japan Organ Transplant Network is not required, and transplant surgery will be carried out if medical expert's evaluation is good.
If you have a matching donor with you, the surgery can be done at anytime, but the donor must be related with you, it's mainly a family members, and willing of donor will be strictly investigated by the transplant ethics committee to prevent an organ trafficking.
Accordingly, getting an ideal living donor is not easy, but this way is a best solution to recover a good health for the kidney deceased patient.

Possibility of providing organs by third people in all of the world

Although both of the ways are difficult to secure a donor for kidney transplantation (Living related and deceased donor ) we, KTSA has found "the other ways" to go.
The other way is consisted of the third party who has a good will as altruists with full of humanity.

In overseas, kidney transplantation is more prevalent as the best solution for chronic kidney disease patients than in Japan.
However, providing organs from unrelated strangers is suspected of organ trafficking.
In order to solve this problem, overseas hospitals ask people for organ donation from good faith third parties.
To prevent organ trafficking, donors are managed by hospitals and have established "providing organs by third parties with altruistic good faith full of human love". Recipients and donors do not meet each other.
We support the registration on the transplant waiting lists for hospitals having organ donation applicants in foreign countries free.

How we work

Based on your KTSA user information, we will register on the organ transplant waiting list of the medical institution that meets your condition.
We will inform you once you were accepted from a medical institution(s) by your condition.

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