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Our NPO KTSA are supporting people who are suffering from severe kidney disease. In order to help patients better and more effectively, we plan to set up branches around the world.
We hope this plan can help more patients get a bright and warm future.
We look forward to your donation.

KTSA is an NPO that is engaged in support activities for kidney transplant patients based in the Asian region.
Register donor standby for overseas medical institutions free of charge.We help patients to log in to the waiting list of overseas hospitals for free.

★The contents of the video are explained by the former president.

About Overseas Organ Transplant Free Support Association(KTSA)

The purpose of NPO Corporation KTSA

We hope we can help widely general public to get more informations which about kidney transplantation or treatment. And we support the research and give medical information of kidney transplantation. Contribute to building a society where everyone can have a healthy and bright life.
Established dateNovember 1,2018
Chirman of the BoardYuka Ogasawara
Company NameNPO Corporation Overseas Kidney Transplant Free Support Association
Head Office5-19-19,Kitasuna,Koutou-ku,Tokyo,136-0073, Japan
Inquiry From TEL1: +81-3-6666-1128
TEL2: +81-80-9650-3180
(Weekdays 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.(JST))

A Message from our Former Chief Director

To everyone who suffers from kidney disease:
First of all, I would like to open my background, I had a very difficult life regarding kidney disease, I was a dialysis patient too.
I've been under dialysis life since 2016 due to kidney failure. The only way to get out of it is getting a kidney transplantation. For me, both my parents have passed away, so it was not easy to find an organ donor.With this situation, I asked for help from some friends living abroad I met when I was young. Then I found out that there are altruistic organ donors with overseas hospitals, they never ask for a payment for an organ donation. Those donors are registered with some overseas hospitals. Therefore, I contacted the hospital and have taken some medical tests, and then at last, my name was registered on the waiting list. However, it was a very complicated and tough process, but I was informed finally that the matching donor was found about 6 months after my name was listed on the waiting list. The cost of transplant operation was expensive, however I was only need to pay a part of the operation cost because I joined the life insurance. And now, I have recovered a good health, and am very happy because I have succeeded withdrawal from a difficult life, my dialysis life was only about 6 months.
With above mentioned situation, I would like to share my fortunate experience to everyone who wishes to have a kidney transplantation. It was a hard dialysis life, but to do daily action for checking incoming emails from the hospitals made me happy, I have been waiting for a good news comes to me every day. It gave me hope to live, because dialysis life affects me only despair mind.
The result of transplantation was very lucky for me. But it's not all the patients can undergo the surgery. However, checking incoming emails every day is also a very important useful hope. Therefore, put your name on the waiting list and expect for the good news comes to you.Our register service is free, everyone can do it. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that all organ donors will be found for every registered patient, but we believe that getting an action to looking for a donor will be a useful hope for you.
So, as your first action, let's register your personal information in this site, and live every day with strong mind for hope of living.
Please note that this is most important information. It is prohibited by law to get an organ by monetary trade, it will be an organ trafficking.
In addition, with my experience, transplant operation costs have individual differences. It will be quite different between the dialysis patients under less than 1 year and the dialysis patients over 5 years. Also, depending on age, sometimes it could be very difficult to find a doctor who performs the operation.And, it's no matter how much they say, overseas transplantation by using paid donor is an illegal act. I think it will be difficult to file a criminal complaint even if you received a disadvantage by asking for an illegal act. Please don't be tricked.
With above mentioned reason, I do this service as a volunteer. And this is why I established our NPO (Non-profit Organization). Also, organ donors can’t accept any money because they are all altruistic people with their own human love and theory of life, their respectable act must be higher appreciated. If anything isn’t a volunteer’s activity, it’ll be organ trafficking.Living organ transplants are to be able to do only by a chain of human love.
I talked with many transplant waiting patients after my kidney transplant surgery done. Unfortunately, there are some people who are deceived by vicious traders and lost much amount of money.Therefore, the traders who talk you about money, they will be unreliable people.
We hope you will get a legal action and make a right decision for getting the living kidney transplant operation. We will support you with best efforts.
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